How to win your business negotiation

Every successful businessperson understands well the importance of reaching a win-win negotiation. When every individual is satisfied at the negotiating table, the chances of building a long-lasting and trusted partnership is always high, eventually leading to profit generation. However, you can’t be a good negotiator if you don’t master the skills. From an expert’s point of view, the following tips are very important for anyone willing to be a good negotiator and to win any business negotiations.

Connect on a personal level

First and foremost, always seek to connect with your negotiators on a personal level. Bringing human connection, your attitude, and relationship is paramount. In other words, you need to approach a negotiation with a mindset of reaching a mutual agreement. In order to achieve this, you need to find a way of reaching the other party on a human level. Try to meet them on a face to face level. At the same time, ensure your mind both the verbal and the non-verbal language upon your interactions.

Know who you are dealing with

In most cases, deals don’t go well as anticipated simply because one party doesn’t know enough about the other. You don’t specifically need to know their name, but rather their background, needs, and motivations, among other concerns that relate to your engagements. Take your time and research about the other party’s interests. This way, you’ll be able to steer the negotiation towards their interest and eventually winning them.

Make multiple offers simultaneously

This is another vital tip to consider. While negotiating, it’s necessary that you present multiple offers and ask them which one interests them most. Otherwise, if you present one offer at a time, it can be easy for the other party to turn them down. Also, the other party might get bored going through the long lists of numbers. Therefore, next time you are about to make an offer, you should ensure you provide as many options as possible.

Try a contingent agreement

In most negotiations, parties fail to reach an agreement due to different beliefs about the likelihood of future possibilities. In as much as you may present your proposal as a reliable one, your client may see it as unrealistic. Therefore, in such situations, a contingent agreement may suffice. A contingent agreement allows both parties to agree to disagree while continuing with their engagement. Besides, it creates inducements for compliance or fines for noncompliance.

Provide as much information as possible

Proper communication helps solidify trust and confidence. Therefore, in order to grab much attention and trust from your negotiating parties, you should share as much information as possible. However, note that only those information regarding your subjects are shared, otherwise you risk being irrelevant. Open communication also makes your proposal to become less foreign and induces credibility. For instance, when negotiating, let’s say for a commercial real estate, you should provide detailed information to convince your clients. Above all, ensure you approach the negotiation with a thoughtful and reasoned perspective.

Conclusively, with the tips as mentioned above, y assured of winning your negotiations like magic.

Business and Negotiation Strategies Relevant to Modern Business

Business negotiation is a part of life in today’s world of business. In order to make decisions regarding agreements and business decisions, good negotiation skills are essential. It does not mean that for you to have good negotiation strategies that you are the one controlling the conversation. However, having impressive points during negotiation is they to achieving better strategies for the business.

Let’s look at various strategies that can be implemented in today’s modern business to achieve a successful negotiation. They include the following:

Always be prepared

This comprises all the things that you feel they are necessary before engaging in any agreement negotiation. The list below indicates several areas that you must be ready to understand even before you get into the business.

Try to review and research thoroughly the character of the person you are going to negotiate with. Go even a step further to look at their LinkedIn accounts to study their bio or their website.

Review deals that have been complemented by the other that are similar to the deals that you are about to engage. Dig much deeper to understand what the deal entails and what steps it took to be completed.

Understand and review the price of the previous deal carried out by the other person. This will give you a clear picture of what you are going to face and what words you should have in the mouth during negotiation.

Act like a professional

Don’t use any abusive language when doing negotiation. Good manners and the type of language you deploy during these conversations is very crucial. Always practice and implement professional and courteous negotiations such that the other person may have respect for your deal. This way, you are about to establish a long mutual relationship with your colleague that will highly define your personality for your future deals.

Review and understand the dynamics of the deal

This is a very crucial thing in every deal that you will come across. Take a look at the alternatives that the other party may have into this deal and determine the timing constraints of the deal for the other party. This way, you will understand the deal better.

Understand the version of the agreement

You should ask your lawyers to draft the proposed contract between you and the other party. By doing this, you will get the whole idea of what you are going to undertake. The documents should define all the details that you think they will help you win big during this agreement.

Listen carefully to the other party’s issues and evaluate them

The final thing when it comes to face to face negotiations, it’s now high time that you listen and understand the issues raised by the other party. It doesn’t mean you are quiet or the other party takes the control of your conversation, but carefully follow up on the information given. Evaluate to give you the idea of what you are going to respond. Don’t hurry up to make decisions. Patience pays.

What Is The Future Industry of Crypto and Recreational Cannabis

What business space should people like into the future? Cryptocurrency or Recreational Marijuana?

For a successful business, one must predict the requirements of the market before the competition rather than just following the trend. Without a doubt, such a prediction involves huge risks but they are very fruitful in the long run. Even the invention of internet faced a high degree of skepticism but it gave rise to countless online commerce companies such a EBay and Amazon. So right now, which could be the best space for business for people to look into? There are lots of businesses that have room for growth in the future and they will certainly grow. Two of them are discussed below.

Cryptocurrency (Bitcoins):

Back in year 2017, Bitcoin had hit a USD 20,000 mark in mid of December. It then fell down to USD 11,000 but kept fluctuating between USD 13,500 to USD 15,500 since the eve of new year 2018. Today it is around USD 7,400 because it was banned by many countries including China. Many of the other countries have banned cryptocurrency as a payment tool even if it is legal.

The future aspects of cryptocurrency largely depend upon how the countries react to it because of their different political systems and ideologies because promotion of cryptocurrencies will result in an enormous amount of wealth generation. Another aspect of cryptocurrencies is that they are not centralized geographically, which will result in a wide distribution of money which will make the banks and government unhappy. It is really hard to say that cryptocurrency shall could have a brighter future in terms of business unless nations take part in the evolution of money.

Recreational Marijuana:

The future of marijuana is a controversial topic. People who are pro-marijuana highlight the medical benefits and the potential increase it could make in tax revenue while anti-marijuana people highlight the evident risks it poses to children and the potential to lead them towards serious drugs like cocaine or meth.

According to Sara Gullickson, Founder & CEO of Dispensary permits (a company which helps entrepreneurs obtain marijuana licenses and build marijuana business) said that:

“Once the Federal Government accepts marijuana, we will see opiate deaths reduce substantially. Marijuana will evolve into an Exit Drug, not a Gateway drug, and will be wildly accepted for its medicinal and wellness properties. It will become a standard household item, and not just another highly profitable tax generator”.

Marijuana is now legal in 29 states and the District of Columbia for recreational or medical purposes and the public acceptance also continues to increase at a rapid pace. It has also been proven useful in various medical treatments which could attract the investors from biotech and healthcare industry.

In America, USD 6.7 billion was spent on recreational and medical cannabis in 2016 even though the marijuana was illegal and the sales continue to rise significantly with each passing year. If marijuana were to be legalized in most of the world, it would prove to be a good business space for investment in terms of agriculture (growing marijuana), biotech, consumption, derivate products of marijuana and industrial hemp.

How to separate yourself marketing wise as a company when customers

How to separate yourself marketing wise as a company when customers feel there is an over-saturation Market saturation infects the market like the forest-fires, It grows! A very high number of competitors, like the gold rush of the apparel startups, infinite t-shirt companies vying for attention, striving to earn customers and get involved in the business, however, this cant be achieved without improvising creativity, commitment, and adaptability.

This stays true in any over-saturated market, whether it be Beauty products or weight loss, Food trucks or a Bookstore, With so many competitors within one market, The industry demands newbie business startups to work even harder to make their own identity and space, for an over-saturated market is never a dead market.

You are not restricted and refrained, you can anytime transform your business approach if your goal is to make your company/service/product stand out in the market. Identifying the right marketing strategies to your business is no rocket science and can be immensely useful. Let’s go through some tips to make you understand how to grow and make unique your business in an over-saturated market:

·Adding value to the offers Lowering the prices than the market’s average can be really helpful, perhaps not in every situation.

Customers solely focused on online markets aren’t specifically focused on the market prices. Gaining an edge in an oversaturated market, focus on delivering value, developing a brand that stands out every other in its field is always a good way to start. Extensive market research is required in order identify the best of the factors.

·Be the pinnacle of trends The Internet is always a better place to understand whats revolving around the world of great importance at the moment. Consumers demands are variables and keep changing with trends, therefore it’s always rewarding to be on the lookout for a trend that my position success towards your company. Trends are opportunities that we could capitalize on.

·Use Social Media You can never ignore social media, That’s the most magical place to be at to make trends overnight and touch unimaginable motives and targets. Be aesthetic, follow your own authenticity. Post your thoughts, Post your products, Post anything that you find pertinent and helpful that would help your audience either learn more about you and your business. This can be a very powerful marketing strategy if you do it right.

·Focus on customer feedback Be consistent when it comes to listening to your customers. Pay attention to what your customers explain the most about. Social media marketing can be really beneficial at this point, people always appreciated if they can reach and talk to your company directly about the things they like and don’t.

Listen to what customers have to say about you, they could go as far as writing about you on your social media pages and use their feedback to fix certain issues and improve your product for good.

Penetrating into an over-saturated market has its own hurdles and benefits.

By creating perceived value, focusing on rectifying problems, and always staying relevant and authentic about your product and marketing strategies, you will always gain a competitive advantage.

Top 6 lessons for Corporates to improve their businesses

Our current corporate culture seems to be driven by the stock price peaks and confidence of stake holders. Big companies tend to ignore and overlook important aspects of the organization mainly because they are either replaceable or does not have an immediate impact to the company. Here are the top six lessons corporates can take and improve upon their current standings:

Avoid excessive exhaustion

For an employee working in a Corporate, it is pretty common to feel utterly tired at the end of every day and waking up uninspired every morning. The reason is the corporate mentality that believes burnout is success. Corporate leaders seldom look at their workforce as a limited resource. An employee which enjoys working, will always work more efficiently than being the one being overtime. Leaders need to realize the important of their human resources and make changes to their work culture accordingly.

Stop prioritizing growth and be transparent

Growth is addictive and almost all companies are driven by it. Instead of keeping growth above everything else, companies need to cultivate values such as empathy, team work and dependability. A corporation’s genuineness depends on its transparency. Problems are going to be inevitable, but instead of hiding them and fixing later, the companies should adopt being transparent with everyone on board and avoid a crisis before it happens.

Stop gender criticizing

The days of the male dominant corporate culture are to an end. A lot of leaders promote and talk about gender equality but fail to follow. Women need to be given an equal right in the workforce and should be judged fairly on the basis of the work, not the gender.

Promote fairness

One of the reasons why employees feel demotivated to work in a corporate culture is because of unfairness in the system. Leaders adore and promote employees with short term performances and ignore their unacceptable behavior. This sends one message to the organization: Performance is the only
merit that counts in this organization. It may not hinder the company’s growth in short term but it is certain that such companies will not survive in the end.

Create a better culture

A company’s fuel is not its resources but its culture. The organization is always driven and motivated by its culture. Unhealthy culture often leads to problems and end up damaging the company’s reputation. Right now in a world of a powerful media, corporates ignoring a need for better culture
won’t survive long. Just like our human body needs resistance to fight outer diseases, organization needs culture to survive through competition.

Live up to expectations

A large number of workforce for most businesses are millennials. And Millennials are known to expect from the organization to not favor the profits, but the core principles that run the organization. Trust is a very important ingredient needed for a robust corporate culture. Employees cannot trust their leaders who do not care about nothing other than their profits and growth. And since the employees are the once who will face the customers, earning the trust of customers will certainly become a much harder task than it already is.

7 Innovative Marketing, Economic, Infrastructural, and Technological Impacts

1. Use of Mobile phones

According to Pew Research Center research on possession of smartphones in 2011, 95% of Americans owned at least one cellphone while 77% own smartphones. Due to new technology, broadband service has decreased significantly, hence why mobile usage has gone up. 92% of people aged 18-29 own smartphones while 88% of people ages 30-49 own one. 74% are people aged 50-64 who possess smartphones.

With these statistics it is clear that mobile phones reach the highest percentage of consumers, thus a new market emerged and was tapped by companies for advertising purposes and app creation. Consumers are now buying products using their phones, they use them to do market research on products, make price comparisons between vendors, the list is endles. Businesses are increasing tapping into this gold mine by either creating mobile apps for their consumers where they can make all their purchases at their convenience.

2. Shift from physical retail shops

The retail industry has had to become innovative to catch up with the mobile market. Most consumers are global (or in some cases cannot travel physically due to disabilities or distance), and may not be in a position to travel to your physical store and purchase merchandise. This is the reason for an increase in online stores. This is where by pictures are taken then posted in online platforms where buyers like them make online payments and goods are delivered to their preferred locations.

3. Internet visibility

Web visibility is vital to any business in this digital world. Instagram and Facebook have become a force to be reckoned with in 2017. Applications for consumers, and creating a website that is interactive with your consumers, and which has good customer service (preferably 24/7) is an absolute must. Not being available on said platforms even as a mom and pop shop has you considerably behind the curve.

4. Live streaming

Videos that are being live streamed are becoming popular. That is the main reason why companies like snapchat, Facebook, and even Instagram have ensured that their applications can offer this feature. Watching videos instantaneously through these platforms captures the audience’s attention far more than photographs. A good example of a company that has largely tapped into this gem is RED BULL.

5. Indoor Navigations

Indoor navigation helps increase your customers’ shopping experience.This is by providing shopping directions instantly. It enhances good customer care services in real time to clients. Given that so many people today are touring foreign countries or other cities, giving people proper and easy to see directions around your subways, shopping areas, and stores, is the best way to give them a great experience and keep them coming back.

6. Real time Chat Support

Along with point #5, real time chat support helps user navigation. Not only are they able to instantly ask questions, or for support from your live operator, but your operator on stand-by can also track user navigation on your digital space (website), engage the customer via chat, and ask them if they need any help with their product or service selection.

7. Experimental marketing

This is the marketing strategy that helps consumers and producers engage with real time invitations. This can be through events. When companies are launching a product they organize concerts or launching parties where consumers get to be introduced with the product .e.g when a movie is premiering – a premier party/launch event is organized specifically to bring the product to customers for the first time.

6 Business Ideas That Ended Up changing Everyone’s Life

Trading is done since the beginning of the human cultivation. This trading took new turn after the Industrial revolution, and the rise of 21st century gave it complete new look.

The reason for this complete makeover are following few business ideas that took the world by storm.

1. Computer :

Many might have been in shock, that I have included the computers and not the Apple or Windows in the list. Reason is very simple. For me computers are at the base of almost 60-70% of business ideas. If there weren’t the computer concept at all, how come there would be the Apple and the Windows?? There won’t be any language and there won’t be any network and hence no world wide web.. nothing. So I would rank the computers as top idea that changed the everyone’s life.

‘Charles Babbage’, the father of computers brought the concept of programmable computers and made world busy for almost next one and half century. Interestingly, the his comple concept of computer was completed after 153 years . how visionary he was.

So I can’t say how much business did it made, but for me computers are the best business revolution.


This is the best example of how a little seed plotted in fertile land gives the most delicious fruits. This is the best example given for starting the new business. How a small but unique idea becomes the huge success. How a business owner should smell the air, catch what people wants and serve them the best possible manner.

16th July 1995, the day Amazon officially begin its reign. A small venture by Jeff Bezos was an instant hit, making the revenue of $15.7 by the year 1996. Amazon was simple book selling portal which is the biggest name in the retail section now. It is in the top five companies in the USA. It increased the online trade more than 60% only in USA. So this is what you say a change..

In this way Amazon completely changed the concept of shopping and crave the new path for markets.

3. Google :

Year- 1998.

Place- dorm of Stanford university (IT section).

Minds behind- Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

The strength of Google was foreseen by their founder’s teachers and their university, as they asked them take it out for campus and find proper office (partially because they were consuming all the bandwidth. )

Now while righting this, I am thinking about, really, am I supposed to tell everyone how Google changed us?? Please… go and Goggle it.. jokes apart.

Goggle has become part of day to day life and there are no words to express this life changing invention.

4. Online mapping technology:

This was huge success. It completely gave new face to GPS systems. No one thought that this was an requirement but apparently it was. Each person is using it differently and very happy about it.

May it be simple activity such as jogging or dog walking or highly demanding jobs like postal services or driving taxis or it might be games like pokemon go , online mapping will never disappoint you.

5. Facebook:

Pastime invention of Mark, gave the whole world there new pastime. Facebook changed the conventions of connecting with the world and having new friends corner.

Facebook is the best example of ,’copy-paste-edit’, function. For me Facebook isn’t the first social networking platform. There were orkut from Gmail and yahoo messenger already. The founder just picked up idea, studied it and presented it in different wrap. Everyone loved it.. got crazy for it and it was that’s it.

So if don’t have any original idea of yours, pick the existing idea and start your journey.

6. Toyota :

Again many would be surprised by my choice of company that I choose to end this article. But going little off beat is my speciality. I always finds odd little things very attractive.

There might be debate on Toyoto’s production and revenue’s. their might be other companies who are much better performing than this one. But I want you people consider the value addition done by Toyota.

· They gave us qualitative goals.

· They introduced – Jidoka, Just in Time, House of quality, 5 W technique. For which whole world is thankful.

· They partially introduced QR Codes.

· Hybrid Synrgy drive, is one of their brain child.

· Drift, was their pet.

· They had their contribution in nanotechnology in the for of ,

“Nano composite materials”.

· Fuel cell was developed by them which is enviro-friendly.

Tricks to Understand and Selling Human Motivation Better

The most successful marketers in the world have employed the skill of psychology into their businesses. Skilled psychological marketing strategies attract customers and compel them to buy your products and services. Psychology tricks work well because people use their emotions to make decisions on what to buy and what not to buy. Here are some of the psychological tips that will help in understanding and sell better through human motivation.

Release new Products and Services

Psychology studies show that new things stimulate the release of dopamine hormone in the brain that motivates a person to feel the need of buying a product. Apple Company has successfully used this skill by releasing new iPhone every year. In most cases, the newer versions do not usually have a great difference from the older version. Yet, many people still buy the latest models and abandon the older versions. This trick can work for every business because it has a better selling human motivation.

Highlight your Shortcomings

Highlighting the flaws of a product increases its credibility in the market. Many business owners do not prefer sharing their flaws because they are afraid of losing customers. However, this is not true. Once you point out the shortcomings, customers will feel that you are trustworthy and will be willing to buy your products.

Utilize Visual Graphics to Advertise products.

The human mind processes images faster than text. It will only take a few seconds for a customer o decide whether to buy a product or not. This is because the human mind processes information in pictures before making a decision. A person is more likely to desire to know more about a picture than to read pieces of written text. Marketing campaigns that use good images attract more customers that those that use only words.

Use the Psychology of Scarcity

The tagline “Only five meals remaining for a discounted price!” This tagline will motivate a person to buy the product because they will feel left out if they do not buy. It also means that the offer is limited to specific meals. This works best because of the economic theory of demand and supply. When the supply is low, the demand increases. Scarcity affects the thinking of a person and can operate to the advantage of the business.

People are in need of Value

Consistent use of words like official, original, assured, and certified can motivate consumers. As a business owner, you need to demonstrate the value of your products that exceeds the other businesses selling similar products. Understand the needs of your prospects and customize marketing content that will make people see the value of your product.

Utilize Exclusive Promotion

According to the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, self-esteem is close to the top of the pyramid. This means that people love the feeling of being important by being addressed as exclusives. Designing products that are unique to a particular group of people will increase total sales. For example, people who have bought membership plans have access to privileges that are not available for non-members. Exclusivity is appealing to the human mind.

Effective Business Marketing Tips To Get You Far

There are tons of effective marketing methods that can help a business succeed. However, not all of them can be compatible with your online business. Before adopting any of them, you need to do some serious thinking and consideration. What do you wish to attain? Will this technique get you to the goal? In this article, we will discuss some business marketing tips that can help you do well in your promotional endeavors.

The first thing you ever have to do is focus on your clients. Take the time to get to know them and walk in their shoes. Particularly, this will enable you to have a good understanding of what they need and want. Unless you know what these things truly are, you can never offer the perfect solution from which you can earn a living. Your primary objective is to know the problem of your target audience and help them find the solution.

Knowing your customers is also beneficial in giving you a good grasp of the kind of advertising or promotional efforts that will work for your campaign. As you know their behavior, including their thinking pattern, you can easily foresee how they will react towards a certain marketing method. Naturally, you would only pick techniques that will yield positive results.

Another crucial item on the list of effective marketing tips is the need to define your unique selling points. What do you have which others don’t have? Why would the public choose you over them? Rare as you think your business may be, it can never be rare enough on the internet. The cyber world is immeasurable, and there will always be people who are doing the same business as yours. You need to come up with a campaign that will tell how much of a better option you are.

Asking a satisfied client for a testimonial is also one of the best business marketing tips you can follow. In particular, this is for obvious reasons that the first-hand experience has such a powerful influence. When you hear someone speak well of a product or service, wouldn’t you want to give it a try too? That’s basically how it works. When you ask every happy client to give you the endorsement, he or she would likely talk well of your business. As a result, you also build your reputation in the field.

Finally, listening and acting on a negative feedback is also one of the business marketing tips you must take seriously. It can give your venture a more professional reputation. See, when you ask an unsatisfied client what went wrong, you are sending the message that you are willing to communicate. You can build on this impression and let him or her know that because you value your relationship, you want to do something about his or her problem; that you are after constant improvement. It will tell the client how truly professional you are. In the end, he or she might be willing to take chances with you again.

Apps for Business Partnership

There is no deficiency of choices when you talk about alliance software for your business. It is important, for the reason that most have moved from ways of sending case attachments to coordinated chats. You need to jump into the 21st century of work. Business trends advance fast, and things are changing the world over. So does a merchant. Discussed below, are some of the most trusted, and accepted solutions for serving your business to get things done.

To connect with your colleagues, you need to get the latest app on the market. There is a collaboration named Slack. You must have realized that of late people do not respond to your emails as first! This may be so because they are probably busy chatting with co-workers in Slack. A good number of the jobs have moved to slack which helps a team stay connected in a series of chat rooms. It also has some fun. It can add or invite freelancers to your firm while granting them restricted access. With this, they are not privy to all the inside machinery of your trade.

Another app that has also become very popular on the market today, and is set for the business of all sizes, is the G suite. This is a wrap up of cloud-based services that can make available for your firm brand new ways to work together online. It has video conferencing, and real-time file collaborations, among many others. Joining G suite is easy. All you need to have is a domain name. Once you prove to Google services that the domain is yours, you and your colleagues can then start using Gmail, Drive, and other core G suite services. This is very effective since cloud search can make a suggestion on what files you should be looking for to enable you to start your day comfortably at the office.

Dropbox is one of today’s mainly admired file-syncing services. It simplifies the way one creates, share, and collaborates. It creates a unique folder on the user’s computer and the contents which are synchronized to Dropbox’s servers. It has the best internet application. Its users are also offered a free account having a set storage size. It is coming into the market with Dropbox paper, which minimizes, and focuses collaboration tool.

Number four app that has got the world running today is the Skype. It is also widely known and preferred for its video conferencing service. It has very special callouts for its business-focused features. It provides video chats, and voice call services. Users also can exchange digital documents, which ranges, from pictures to text. Users have sixty minutes of international call with Skype. It helps one to reach clients or business partners worldwide.

In summary, the above paragraphs have touched on different apps for business commonly found in today’s market. To get things done in your firm, you need not worry, but get these apps and others that would help you reach your colleagues and clients at your comfort zone.