6 Business Ideas That Ended Up changing Everyone’s Life

Trading is done since the beginning of the human cultivation. This trading took new turn after the Industrial revolution, and the rise of 21st century gave it complete new look.

The reason for this complete makeover are following few business ideas that took the world by storm.

1. Computer :

Many might have been in shock, that I have included the computers and not the Apple or Windows in the list. Reason is very simple. For me computers are at the base of almost 60-70% of business ideas. If there weren’t the computer concept at all, how come there would be the Apple and the Windows?? There won’t be any language and there won’t be any network and hence no world wide web.. nothing. So I would rank the computers as top idea that changed the everyone’s life.

‘Charles Babbage’, the father of computers brought the concept of programmable computers and made world busy for almost next one and half century. Interestingly, the his comple concept of computer was completed after 153 years . how visionary he was.

So I can’t say how much business did it made, but for me computers are the best business revolution.


This is the best example of how a little seed plotted in fertile land gives the most delicious fruits. This is the best example given for starting the new business. How a small but unique idea becomes the huge success. How a business owner should smell the air, catch what people wants and serve them the best possible manner.

16th July 1995, the day Amazon officially begin its reign. A small venture by Jeff Bezos was an instant hit, making the revenue of $15.7 by the year 1996. Amazon was simple book selling portal which is the biggest name in the retail section now. It is in the top five companies in the USA. It increased the online trade more than 60% only in USA. So this is what you say a change..

In this way Amazon completely changed the concept of shopping and crave the new path for markets.

3. Google :

Year- 1998.

Place- dorm of Stanford university (IT section).

Minds behind- Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

The strength of Google was foreseen by their founder’s teachers and their university, as they asked them take it out for campus and find proper office (partially because they were consuming all the bandwidth. )

Now while righting this, I am thinking about, really, am I supposed to tell everyone how Google changed us?? Please… go and Goggle it.. jokes apart.

Goggle has become part of day to day life and there are no words to express this life changing invention.

4. Online mapping technology:

This was huge success. It completely gave new face to GPS systems. No one thought that this was an requirement but apparently it was. Each person is using it differently and very happy about it.

May it be simple activity such as jogging or dog walking or highly demanding jobs like postal services or driving taxis or it might be games like pokemon go , online mapping will never disappoint you.

5. Facebook:

Pastime invention of Mark, gave the whole world there new pastime. Facebook changed the conventions of connecting with the world and having new friends corner.

Facebook is the best example of ,’copy-paste-edit’, function. For me Facebook isn’t the first social networking platform. There were orkut from Gmail and yahoo messenger already. The founder just picked up idea, studied it and presented it in different wrap. Everyone loved it.. got crazy for it and it was that’s it.

So if don’t have any original idea of yours, pick the existing idea and start your journey.

6. Toyota :

Again many would be surprised by my choice of company that I choose to end this article. But going little off beat is my speciality. I always finds odd little things very attractive.

There might be debate on Toyoto’s production and revenue’s. their might be other companies who are much better performing than this one. But I want you people consider the value addition done by Toyota.

· They gave us qualitative goals.

· They introduced – Jidoka, Just in Time, House of quality, 5 W technique. For which whole world is thankful.

· They partially introduced QR Codes.

· Hybrid Synrgy drive, is one of their brain child.

· Drift, was their pet.

· They had their contribution in nanotechnology in the for of ,

“Nano composite materials”.

· Fuel cell was developed by them which is enviro-friendly.