Branding Tips and Strategies for 2017

As the world is enjoying cutting edge technologies to improve the quality of life, business branding has gotten juicier with each unfolding year. 2017 is the year to get out of that branding comfort zone to gain a competitive edge in the volatile modern market. Many small and large businesses fail to get it with branding because of the rampant wallpapering of favorite brands. As a result, customers fail to connect with such companies which have resorted to seasoned copy pasting of favorite world brands. However, you can still turn around the table and build a successful brand this year by following a few branding tips below.

1. Get at Par with Social Media Technology

Instagram is going to be a one of the most crucial social media branding technology where you can successfully build a strong web of connection with your customers. You might have probably underestimated what magical powers Instagram can inject into your brand. The newly introduced Instagram live the thing to go by in 2017. Live media has been found to be the most efficient way businesses can engage their potential and existing clients. It has just gone viral, and your brand must tap on this new branding honey pot that is going to stir your branding campaign. If there is ever a time you dreamt of taking Instagram seriously in your branding vision, now is the time.

2. Uniformity of Your Brand Paperwork Content Across all the Social Media Platforms Identified

Previously, businesses have lost connection with their customers following a deviation of the built brand and what a business portray in social media. While social media is a must tool for an effective branding campaign, doing it more efficiently requires a sense of uniformity of what the business proclaim in their branding paperwork master plan and what it communicates in the social media. It is very paramount to establish a sense of brand uniformity across all the networks for users to take you seriously and subscribe to your brand appeal.

3. Focus on Real Fans and avoid the Mentality of Many Followers

Getting one million followers may be captivating and developing a sense of satisfaction with your brand. While this may be a significant step, it may mean nothing without having sizeable fans among the one million followers. Understanding the difference between fans and followers will be a step higher towards the right branding strategy. While followers are achieved quickly by just appealing for an association, fans are the real users of your products and services. They are the ones that will convert the numbers of followers to millions of revenue. Therefore, establishing a strong fan connection require maintaining a sizeable number of fans which you can build a direct relationship. Don’t go for many people that you will not manage to write or give a call. Think of revenue regarding fans and not followers.

4. Write Every Branding Idea Down Regardless of the Branding Stage

There is no way you can establish a successful branding without a thorough and systematic evaluation. Not every idea is great, and you will only realize that when you write it down and conduct a serious of evaluation to determine what works. Do not assume that you will have a good recollection when you sit, just put it down whether in your notepad or smartphone notebook or to do list. Make every idea count, and that’s what will determine 2017 successful business branding strategies.