The Birth of AI Content Marketing

For those who may be unaware, AI (or Artificial Intelligence) Content Marketing is a marketing strategy that is currently changing the shape of the marketing industry as we know it. Many big businesses are already using this marketing strategy in order to reach millions of people quickly. So, what exactly is it and how does it benefit the marketing industry as a whole?

By using AI for marketing purposes, businesses are able to send out large amounts of personalized advertisements to millions of customers without having to lift a finger. Gone are the days of canvassing or letterbox advertisements, because customers in the technological age are used to marketing strategies that are personalised and tailored to their individual needs. Flyers through the door just won’t cut it any more. Not only does AI improve content marketing by reaching millions of people quickly, but it is also able to predict future patterns of behavior for certain customers, so you’re able to keep your products and services ahead of the curve, and get ready for future predicted patterns of consumer behavior ahead of time. This is obviously a key advantage to any business, because there is a reduced risk of developing a product or service that may be outdated before you get it to the market. Indeed, social media marketing using AI is something that everybody is familiar with even anecdotally. You might have experienced researching a specific product, only to find that your social media is inundated with advertisements for that product a few days later. This is an example of AI Content Marketing, and it is a very effective method for driving sales or interest to your particular product or service.

Those aren’t the only two advantages of AI Content Marketing however. AI content marketing can also be in charge of discounts and offers on the products and services that a business may offer. For example, if buyer behavior is generally predicting a decreased interest in purchasing a particular product, AI would be able to reduce the price of said product in order to drive sales. Likewise, if a product was proving popular, but there was plenty of competition on the market offering a price lower than yours, then AI would be able to reduce the price of the product or service to fall in line with the general market trend. Again, this can only benefit a business’s effectiveness in staying ahead of the curve, so that they are always following the general trends in the market.

It is safe to say that if a business is not taking advantage of AI Content Marketing today, then they are already falling behind the curve. Businesses world over are using this modern marketing strategy to ensure that they are staying relevant, and are driving as much traffic to their websites, products, and services as they possibly can. Consumers have come to expect a certain degree of personalization and targeted advertising in marketing today, so to not take advantage of the benefits that AI Content Marketing offers, could prove to be a costly business decision.