Top 6 lessons for Corporates to improve their businesses

Our current corporate culture seems to be driven by the stock price peaks and confidence of stake holders. Big companies tend to ignore and overlook important aspects of the organization mainly because they are either replaceable or does not have an immediate impact to the company. Here are the top six lessons corporates can take and improve upon their current standings:

Avoid excessive exhaustion

For an employee working in a Corporate, it is pretty common to feel utterly tired at the end of every day and waking up uninspired every morning. The reason is the corporate mentality that believes burnout is success. Corporate leaders seldom look at their workforce as a limited resource. An employee which enjoys working, will always work more efficiently than being the one being overtime. Leaders need to realize the important of their human resources and make changes to their work culture accordingly.

Stop prioritizing growth and be transparent

Growth is addictive and almost all companies are driven by it. Instead of keeping growth above everything else, companies need to cultivate values such as empathy, team work and dependability. A corporation’s genuineness depends on its transparency. Problems are going to be inevitable, but instead of hiding them and fixing later, the companies should adopt being transparent with everyone on board and avoid a crisis before it happens.

Stop gender criticizing

The days of the male dominant corporate culture are to an end. A lot of leaders promote and talk about gender equality but fail to follow. Women need to be given an equal right in the workforce and should be judged fairly on the basis of the work, not the gender.

Promote fairness

One of the reasons why employees feel demotivated to work in a corporate culture is because of unfairness in the system. Leaders adore and promote employees with short term performances and ignore their unacceptable behavior. This sends one message to the organization: Performance is the only
merit that counts in this organization. It may not hinder the company’s growth in short term but it is certain that such companies will not survive in the end.

Create a better culture

A company’s fuel is not its resources but its culture. The organization is always driven and motivated by its culture. Unhealthy culture often leads to problems and end up damaging the company’s reputation. Right now in a world of a powerful media, corporates ignoring a need for better culture
won’t survive long. Just like our human body needs resistance to fight outer diseases, organization needs culture to survive through competition.

Live up to expectations

A large number of workforce for most businesses are millennials. And Millennials are known to expect from the organization to not favor the profits, but the core principles that run the organization. Trust is a very important ingredient needed for a robust corporate culture. Employees cannot trust their leaders who do not care about nothing other than their profits and growth. And since the employees are the once who will face the customers, earning the trust of customers will certainly become a much harder task than it already is.