Tricks to Understand and Selling Human Motivation Better

The most successful marketers in the world have employed the skill of psychology into their businesses. Skilled psychological marketing strategies attract customers and compel them to buy your products and services. Psychology tricks work well because people use their emotions to make decisions on what to buy and what not to buy. Here are some of the psychological tips that will help in understanding and sell better through human motivation.

Release new Products and Services

Psychology studies show that new things stimulate the release of dopamine hormone in the brain that motivates a person to feel the need of buying a product. Apple Company has successfully used this skill by releasing new iPhone every year. In most cases, the newer versions do not usually have a great difference from the older version. Yet, many people still buy the latest models and abandon the older versions. This trick can work for every business because it has a better selling human motivation.

Highlight your Shortcomings

Highlighting the flaws of a product increases its credibility in the market. Many business owners do not prefer sharing their flaws because they are afraid of losing customers. However, this is not true. Once you point out the shortcomings, customers will feel that you are trustworthy and will be willing to buy your products.

Utilize Visual Graphics to Advertise products.

The human mind processes images faster than text. It will only take a few seconds for a customer o decide whether to buy a product or not. This is because the human mind processes information in pictures before making a decision. A person is more likely to desire to know more about a picture than to read pieces of written text. Marketing campaigns that use good images attract more customers that those that use only words.

Use the Psychology of Scarcity

The tagline “Only five meals remaining for a discounted price!” This tagline will motivate a person to buy the product because they will feel left out if they do not buy. It also means that the offer is limited to specific meals. This works best because of the economic theory of demand and supply. When the supply is low, the demand increases. Scarcity affects the thinking of a person and can operate to the advantage of the business.

People are in need of Value

Consistent use of words like official, original, assured, and certified can motivate consumers. As a business owner, you need to demonstrate the value of your products that exceeds the other businesses selling similar products. Understand the needs of your prospects and customize marketing content that will make people see the value of your product.

Utilize Exclusive Promotion

According to the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, self-esteem is close to the top of the pyramid. This means that people love the feeling of being important by being addressed as exclusives. Designing products that are unique to a particular group of people will increase total sales. For example, people who have bought membership plans have access to privileges that are not available for non-members. Exclusivity is appealing to the human mind.